How long until summer?

Another couple days split between 5-6 miles easy on the treadmill and 15-25 rolling on the bike.  Some lifting in there somewhere too, if I recall.  Not a lot of excitement going on in my basement.  The spiders are not wild partiers.

Every night and most days I dream about when the weather is nice and I can run outside.  If I complain at all this summer about it being too hot, you all have permission to smack me upside the head.  At this point its not even that I hate running inside so much as I feel like a pansy for not going out in the snow all of a sudden, despite doing it for years before, and I really just love running when its hot.  Not even just warm, but like 90 and humid, so that when I get done all I want to do is chug a gallon of water and sit in a bathtub full of ice.  Someday…

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